Do you want friendly battles with your friends or random people around the world using an abundance of weapons? If this is the case, you should use Pixel Gun 3D Hack and play the game.

The game revolves around the pixel man who has to survive in dangerous conditions by killing numerous zombies and solving the mystery.

Succeeding in the game is not easy, so you have to go through all these messages, because there are several tips that will make your game easier.

Game modes:

There are two game modes available in the game: single-player campaigns and multiplayer mode. Usually, players prefer to play in multiplayer game mode because it is interesting and exciting.

In this mode you have to show your fighting skills by shooting down enemies that annoy you. Your main goal is to achieve a fixed number of victories in each level.

In single-player campaigns, you must survive by killing various zombies, spiders, and other creatures. A big difficulty that you have to deal with in this mode is that you have a limited amount of ammunition.

So you have to photograph strategically. If the ammunition is quickly exhausted, you really have to spend money to get it. Or you can use pixel gun 3d hack  to acquire them.

Make friends:

You can connect your Pixel Gun 3D game account to social networking sites such as Facebook for many friends.

Another interesting feature of the game is the online chat system, with which you can make friends all over the world. To add someone to your friends list, you must both click on the "More" icon in the table.


With more friends you can work with other players and improve your gaming experience. You can play new games, get more information about different performances and display their avatar as soon as you become friends.

When you have made several friends in the game, you can create your own clan and include them all. The best clan can make you the most powerful Pixel Warrior in the 3D Pixel Gun game.


Cats, dogs, snakes, rabbits and birds are some of the animals you can unlock in the game. These animals can accompany you in different fights and in different game modes.

Their innumerable skills can help you task. You can even improve their skills and reduce resistance by giving good training to your pets. In addition, provide a special and special living space for all your pets.


Dead zombies:

The best way to kill zombies is to move and shoot at the same time. If you wait somewhere on the map, your chances of being taken are greater.

You must try to prevent as much damage as possible to your game avatar, because if you die in the game, you will have to play it again from the beginning.

The best tip for protecting your avatar is to remember their locations. Once you know their hiding place, you can plan accordingly and save yourself from their attacks.


Currencies in the game:


You can buy all the resources and improvements you need in the game with coins. Earning coins is easier in the game compared to gems. It is distributed on every level on the map, so you have to get something with it.

Another way to win coins is to unlock the fortune box. You will have a fortune box every four hours; but for that you have to play the game regularly. There are countless video ads that can be viewed for a few minutes.

Once you have viewed the entire ad, you earn rewards in the form of coins, banknotes and gems. Game developers have made it extremely easy to buy currency in the game by designing mine buildings.

When you build a mining building as a lucky clover, you can buy a currency every day. You can also use Pixel Gun 3D tricks that generate coins safely and quickly.


Powerful weapons, ammunition and special tools can be purchased using Gemstones. Winning gems in the game is not easy and even if you manage to find them, they will be available in limited quantities.

On levels 1 and 2 of the game you can for example hide a jewel behind the altar in the church, in front of a green truck, tilted on the bridge, on the big tree. attached to the tree house, and some other areas.

If you want to buy gems in large quantities, you can actually spend money to buy them or use Pixel Gun 3d Hack to generate them directly.

Keys and banknotes:

Keys and banknotes are special game currencies that can be purchased with gems. The main goal of Keys is to unlock the event boxes. Another way to get the keys is to win them as rewards by winning different games.

On the other hand, the tickets are used to participate in the game types. You can buy tickets by unlocking the lucky boxes or winning them by viewing an advertisement.

Entering the game mode is the most important part of the game, you get free tickets every four hours.


In general Pixel Gun 3D will keep you busy for a couple of weeks. The best advice to survive longer in the game is to continuously attack the zombies with different weapons. Never stay still in one place.

Just keep moving forward while shooting at the enemies. Also make sure you aim your weapon in all positions, because if you aim low, you can kill the creepy zombies and if you shoot in the head, you can immediately destroy the opponent.

So use these tips and experience a great gaming experience.